Dora Gräff

Dora Gräff

We often ask ourselves what is necessary for us women to feel beautiful in our own skin? A healthy and well-groomed complexion, shiny hair, full of life, proper nutrition or a beautiful make-up are already half the success, but they are not enough in themselves, since taking care of not only our appearance, but also our soul is just as important, since the attractiveness of a woman is more than that.

I believe beauty comes from within.

Inner harmony, self balance, self-esteem, authenticity are all the cornerstones of a happy woman. My goal is that by combining these, we also contribute to what starts us, women on this path.


DS V-Line Collagen Thread Protocol

100% natural collagen thread treatment. 

  • Needle free, no pain and scars
  • Immediately visible, natural-looking face lifting
  • Natural facial expression is preserved


Natural, daytime or evening makeup variations for every day or special occasions.


Evening hairstyling for any occasion, exclusive parties or corporate events.


Basic and special facial treatments, radiofrequency treatment, needle-free-mesotheraphy, microcurrent facetightening, acid peeling.

Bridal makeup and hair

Bridal makeup and hair with or without trials.


Workshops, individual and group make-up and hairstyling lessons, pro courses.

Makeup shopping

Guided shopping together to find the right brand, texture and color tone for you.

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