Our Story

Our Story

Dora Graff Salon Beauty Team

Dora Graff learnt the basics from Hungarian masters and she got to love the profession. She travelled to New York to improve her skills and to get acquainted with a different point of view presented by make-up artists of another world. Her curiosity torward to profession took her to Monaco and Munich, where she had the chance of working along with the photographer Felix Jung who amongst other supermodels took photos of Naomi Campbell for example. In 2011 she came first in the MOSZI Budapest Open national make-up competition with her creation inspired by Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky.

Dora took part in projects with companies like NBC New York, RTV Gmbh, International Swimming League, Vodafone US, Porsche DE, Metlife HU and so on.

Besides taking part in competitions and studying further she worked for Yves Saint Laurent and Art Deco as well as leading make-up artist of Budapest Fashion Nights, the oldest fashion event series of Hungary.

She opened her own salon in 2017 named Dora Graff Makeup & Beauty Salon in the elegant 1st district of Budapest where she and her team provides makeup, hairstyling and beauty services for hungarian and international guests.

Dora Graff

Dora Graff

owner, makeup artist, beautician, hair-stylist

We often ask ourselves what is needed to make women feel beautiful in their skin? Healthy skin, proper nutrition, caring for our body or a beautiful makeup alone by itself is not enough, since not only our appearance but also caring of our soul is just as important, as a woman's attractiveness is more than that. Inner harmony, balance, self-esteem, credibility are the basic pillars of a happy woman. Our goal is to combine these what drive us on this path.

Follow her @doragraffmakeup

Adrienn Pinter

Adrienn Pinter

makeup artist, hair-stylist

We know well that beauty comes from within, and it comes from harmony with ourselves.

I believe that every day is an opportunity to feel good in our own skin and shine, and a good make-up can help with this.

With great enthusiasm and joy, I support the life of the salon with my work.

Follow her @adrianna_pinter_makeup

Hanna Staudt

Hanna Staudt

makeup artist, hair dresser, hair-stylist

I always said that I wanted to be a beautician during the day and a singer at night, I didn't count on the fact that I had to sleep. Of these, none of them were realized in this form, however, the support and fulfillment of female beauty is the challenge I want to deal with every day. I have always been fascinated by the world of beauty salons, the skillful and expert hands of beauticians and hairdressers, the beautiful movements, the energy of recharge. Most of all, however, the way the Women talked to each other there, with the feeling of 'I can say anything'.

Follow her @shine_by_staudthanna

Krisztina Schneider

Krisztina Schneider

makeup artist

Make-up is a passion for me, which builds more and more during each make-up, while in good company I get to know many valuable people, whom I am happy to help to make their natural beauty and soul blossom.

Agnes Fehéri

Agnes Fehéri

manicure / pedicure specialist, makeup artist

I need creativity, precise accuracy. I always pay a lot of attention to deliver clean, fast and demanding work. It is important for me to establish a good relationship with my guests. I think it's extraordinary that our relationship goes beyond getting a nice manicure.

(You can book your appointment with Agnes from 1st of October!)

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Instagram: @feheriagnes

Eszter Bartha

Eszter Bartha

makeup artist

Ever since I was a child, I have been a fan of perfecting female beauty. At first, I enthusiastically practiced on my mother's and my girlfriends' hairstyles, and later on their make-up, before I started expanding my knowledge professionally in addition to my civilian job.

I believe that nowadays women are not rivals, but accomplices of each other, who reach further by creating a supportive atmosphere and strengthening each other. Our energies move mountains.

(Eszter is currently not accepting new guests till June 2023!)

Follow her @esztermakeup

Magyaródi-Pál Marta

Magyaródi-Pál Marta

makeup artist, hair-stylist

A Hungarian actress once said that she learned make-up from Rembrandt. And how true!

After all, the basis of make-up is the correct application of light, shading, shades and textures. A three-dimensional drawing. Art.

Follow her: @magyarodi_makeup_and_hair

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