In our salon, we combine deep moisturizing, firming and anti-aging electrocosmetic facial treatments. We place a lot of emphasis not only on the skin type, but also on the compilation of individually structured facial treatments that meet your current skin needs.

Every new appointment begins with a unique personalized skin diagnosis, as this is the cornerstone of proper skin care and your personalized beauty treatments.

Our basic and special treatments can be combined according to skin needs in order to achieve the best possible effect.


  • Anti-aging gold skin rejuvenation facial treatment
  • Hyaluronic acid deep moisturizing facial treatment
  • Soothing, deep moisturizing facial treatment for sensitive (seborrheic) skin
  • Pore ​​tightening, cleansing facial treatment
  • Face and/or décolletage massage
  • Eyebrows/eyelash tinting/adjustment


  • Mesotherapy without needles
  • Radiofrequency face lifting
  • Microcurrent facial tightening
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Hydroabrasion
  • Acid peeling


Dealing with maskne? Confused about anti-aging products? Whatever your skincare question, you can now get answers from the expert esthetician at Dora Graff Salon—without leaving home. Creating a basic skin care routine, my top skin care tips, which you can use to completely renew your skin. A guide to a healthier skin image. Have a one-on-one Zoom call now!


You can book an appointment for our treatments here. Please note that if you visit our cosmetics as a new guest, the duration of your reservation will increase by + 20 minutes of treatment time.

During this time, you will receive a free skin diagnosis.

Special treatments



Needle-free mesotheraphy

During the treatment, medical grade active ingredients are injected into the deeper layers of the skin. Many existing skin problems can be prevented and treated thanks to ampoules and cocktails with a wide range of active ingredients.

How does needle-free mesotherapy work?

The active ingredients are introduced into the deeper layers of the skin using electroporation.

Today, it is a widespread procedure, during which micro channels open in the layers of cell membranes.

Through these channels, ionic, non-ionic, water- and fat-soluble active substances can be introduced into the cells, regardless of their molecular weight. You can successfully combine electroporation with microdermabrasion, so the permeability of the skin increases significantly. Therefore, it promotes the introduction of micro- and macromolecules into the deeper layers of the skin, including high molecular weight active ingredients, such as elastin, hyaluronic acid, collagen, amino acids.

ZEMITS Klein Meso

Our microcurrent facial treatment machine represents the top category. Zemits is an American brand that embodies clean and elegant lines, maximum results, quality and the balance of the price-value ratio. Not only our specialist is happy to work with a Zemits machine, but our guests can also experience Zemits' unique microcurrent treatment protocol and the sight of effectiveness.


It is recommended for the treatment of the following aesthetic skin problems caused by hormonal, circulation or lifestyle:

  • Anti-aging treatment with botox-like cosmetic active ingredients, firming and anti-wrinkle cocktails
  • Hydration of dehydrated skin with low, medium or high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and vitamin C
  • Treatment and lightening of pigment spots with glycolic acid, vitamin C or active ingredient cocktail
  • Treatment of inflamed acne and scarred skin with sebum-regulating active ingredients, 2% salicylic acid or an active ingredient cocktail
  • Treatment of stressed, photodamaged skin
  • Treatment of rosacea with anti-inflammatory, circulation-improving agents and antioxidants
  • Treatment of the eye area, refinement of small facial wrinkles with elastin and hyaluronic acid


Depending on the active ingredient:

  • softer, healthier skin surface,
  • wrinkles fade, the skin looks smoother,
  • tighter, younger looking skin,
  • the condition of acne improves, pimples recede, inflammation subsides,
  • softens under-eye circles,
  • tightens the pores, restores the skin's oil production,
  • reduces the appearance of liver spots/freckles/other pigmentations,
  • in the long term, it replenishes the skin with active ingredients, thereby stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. 


  • pregnancy
  • pacemaker
  • epilepsy
  • dermatitis, skin infection (eczema, herpes, fresh tattoo, active acne)
  • surgery (within 40 days after surgery)
  • in the case of botox 


Radiofrequency face lifting

Bipolar Radio Frequency (RF) technology is an innovative approach that maximizes the benefits of RF technology. It is extremely effective, immediately after the first treatment it becomes visible that the skin will be tighter and full of life.

It is practically painless, there is no surgical intervention, and you can immediately return to your daily activities after the treatment. Effective for all skin types and skin colors. During the treatment we work with selective heat which heats the lower layers of the skin up to 70 degrees, thereby stimulating the production of collagen and elastin.


Almost every guest can see immediate results after the first treatment. The skin is tighter, the wrinkles on the face are smoother. Used as a long term treatment, a spectacular change can be achieved, it noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles, raises the contour of the face and neck, and when used as a body treatment, it improves the tone of the arms, abdominal wall, thighs and buttocks, and tightens.

  • no side effects
  • during the treatment, a pleasant, mild feeling of heat is felt
  • after the treatment, a slight internal "heated feeling" is experienced and skin redness is visible,
  • the treatment is so guest-friendly that you can immediately return to your daily routine, there is no recovery period.


  • immediate skin tightening,
  • stimulates collagen formation,
  • applied as a cure, it visibly smoothes, tightens, lifts the eyelids and drooping eyelids,
  • after the third session, the depth of wrinkles is visibly reduced,
  • during the treatment, we work with selective heat (not with a flash light), so it can be used at any time of the year,
  • refilling of wrinkles and scars (natural regeneration of collagen and elastin)


  • metal implant in the area to be treated,
  • immunodeficiency,
  • taking medication that weakens the immune system,
  • skin disease in the area to be treated,
  • tumor,
  • pregnancy. 


Microcurrent facial tightening

Microcurrent facial rejuvenation with ZEMITS ADRINOX enables the delivery of low-pulse electric waves all the way up to facial muscles.


  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Skin lifting, a spectacular increase in the tone of the face
  • Increases collagen synthesis
  • It accelerates the production of elastin and collagen, as well as new skin cells
  • Micro current facial massage with micro current gloves for maximum effect


How does microcurrent work?

Microcurrent therapy uses low-pulse electric current to work the muscles of the face. The principle of the effect of microcurrents is based on the restoration of normal internal cellular metabolic processes. The microcurrent sends soft, gentle waves through the skin, through the tissues all the way to the facial muscles, thus influencing the nutrient supply of the cells by stimulating the muscle fibers.

Micromassage allows the restoration of muscle tone, the reduction of deep wrinkles and edema, the improvement of ATP synthesis (intracellular energy production), which is the key to the regeneration of structural proteins such as collagen and elastin, as well as the preparation of the skin for plastic surgery and polishing procedures.

ZEMITS Adrinox

Our microcurrent facial treatment machine represents the top category. Zemits is an American brand that embodies clean and elegant lines, maximum results, quality and the balance of the price-value ratio. Not only our specialist is happy to work with a Zemits machine, but our guests can also experience Zemits' unique microcurrent treatment protocol and the sight of effectiveness.


  • improves skin tone,
  • reduces the appearance of sagging skin,
  • the facial contour will be tighter,
  • improves muscle tone,
  • improves the general appearance of the skin,
  • skin hydration improves,
  • reduces fine lines, wrinkles,
  • reduces puffiness, signs of edema,
  • reduces dark circles.



  • metal implant in the area to be treated,
  • immunodeficiency,
  • skin disease in the area to be treated,
  • tumor,
  • pregnancy,
  • botox.


Microdermabrasion (diamond-head skin grinding) gently and quickly removes the dead, thickened epidermal layer from the surface of the skin, without scarring.

During the treatment, we work with a treatment head coated with diamond grains and with the help of a vacuum. The strength of the vacuum is adjusted according to the skin's needs. During the treatment (sanding) the dead skin cells are separated from the skin surface. The treatment is completely painless thus you can immediately return to your daily routine.

 Due to its strong grinding mechanism, the treatment is recommended from autumn to spring.


  • for acne-prone skin,
  • for the treatment of remaining acne scars and scars,
  • to lighten pigment spots,
  • for the treatment of fine wrinkles,
  • for stressed, sun-damaged skin,
  • to open the skin for a more effective intake of active ingredients, for example before needle-free mesotherapy.



  • more uniform skin tone,
  • cleaner, smoother skin surface,
  • more flexible, tighter skin.



  • herpes,
  • eczema, psoriasis,
  • an open wound that has not yet healed,
  • in case of weakened vessel walls,
  • bleeding,
  • diabetes,
  • skin tumor,
  • drugs that cause photosensitivity,
  • It cannot be used together with IPL laser treatment. 


Brands we love




The concept of Organique is based on the choice of natural ingredients and respect for nature. It combines the ancient traditions of different cultures of the world in special massage rituals. They strive to make Organique cosmetics as effective and natural as possible. The plant active ingredients are ecocert certified. The products are free from animal testing, several of their products are vegan and environmentally friendly!


Toscani is a laboratory in Barcelona with 30 years of pharmaceutical experience in the production of injectable, mesotherapy, cosmetic and chemical peeling products. The company is committed to creating products that contain the latest generation active ingredients such as peptides, biorevitalizers and liposomal active ingredients. Toscani conveys the We Care® message. Science and research are part of the company's DNA and enable the development of products that are effective, safe and innovative.

Yellow Rose

Many doctors and scientists mention the healing effect of the yellow rose in their works, saying that the yellow rose, which is short-lived in itself, prolongs the perfect beauty of human skin. That's why the factory's symbol is the yellow rose. They goal over several generations was to combine the rich palette of active ingredients provided by nature with the latest achievements of science.


The products of Janssen Cosmetics are made up of unique ingredients of medicinal plants, biotechnological ingredients and marine extracts. To this day, their developments are carried out in the best German laboratories, and their results are immediately incorporated into their products. The active ingredients of its preparations include several world patents, such as Hydro Chitosan, Elhilin, Desaron or Immucell.

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