Personal makeup shopping

Personal makeup shopping

Guided makeup shopping to find the right brand, texture, color tone

It is difficult to navigate among the multitude of decorative cosmetics to find the right texture and color. Which brand, which texture, which color tone? Pieces that often seem good at first sight, often rest in the depths of yourmakeup bag for months, then for years. An experienced hand will quickly select the right makeup or face care products for you.

Package contents:

  • 30-minute free consultation (online or in person), needs assessment at a pre-arranged time.
  • I prepare a personalized shopping plan taking into account your budget and personal needs.
  • Based on the purchase plan, I conduct a field visit to guide you to different makeup and cosmetics brands that you actually need.
  • Providing a discount at well-known makeup brands.

Package price:

First hour: HUF 40,000

Each additional hour started: HUF 15,000

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Regarding joint purchases, I look forward to hearing from you at the e-mail address or at +36 20 529 1377.



I look forward to hearing from you by sending an e-mail to or call at +36 20 529 1377.

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