Classic hairdressing

Professional hair care in the spirit of naturalness. Milk_shake creative long-lasting hair dye guarantees a bright natural color, 100% gray hair coverage and healthy, deeply hydrated hair.

Wash & dry

Moisturizing hair dye






Hair care, hair structure repair

Keratin treatment

The aim of the treatment is to restore the natural state of the hair. The treatment contains naturally sourced keratin, proteins and amino acids that penetrate the hair shaft, restoring the hair's natural components. Its specific composition strengthens the hair strands, replenishes the hair follicle, while the hair becomes regenerated and shiny.

Gloss treatment

The aim of the treatment is to improve the hair structure and brighten the hair color. Your original hair color can be updated without dyeing, but if you want more intense tones, you can also request hair coloring. Oil-based, acidic pH, ammonia-free hair coloring treatment that guarantees wonderful color tones.


Effective active ingredient intake by micro atomization for the treatment of various scalp problems.


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Do you believe in love at first sight?

A world of fruit, milk and sweets, delicious aromas, and textures. The milk_shake® product line contains natural ingredients and offers special solutions for all hair types.

simply zen

A natural approach in harmony with the senses.

Innovative formulas with plant extracts, essential oils, luxurious active ingredients, and specific botanical complexes, which are always SLS / SLES and paraben free.

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