Dora Beraki-Gräff

Dora Beraki-Gräff

Makeup & Hair Artist, Beautician

We can all see the countless faces of beauty, as it is hidden there in our everyday lives but only those who work with it can really look behind the scenes.

After 7 years of modeling I felt it was time to change. In the meantime, I also worked as a business consultant for almost 5 years, when the spark came out of my head. I'm going to be a makeup artist!

I participated in many projects in Hungary and abroad. As a freelancer, my make-up appeared in many magazines (Luxury Funzine, Playboy, Wedding Magazin Hungary, Italian Sport Week, ...), from 2012 to 2018, as the official lead make-up artist of Budapest Fashion Nights my team responsibled for the mekaup lloks for the fashion shows of hungarian fashion designers such as Daalarna, Maison Marquise by Bori Tóth, CAKÓ, Gabo Szerencses. During my career so far, I have been approached by companies such as NBC New York, the Hungarian State Opera, Telekom US, just to name a few. The list is long. Back then I strengthened the make-up team of Yves Saint Laurent and ArtDeco.

I worked as a makeup artist in Monaco, London. Later I traveled to Munich, where I was able to work with a photographer such as Felix Jung, who also captures supermodel Naomi Campbell.

I took part in MUD Make-up Designory training in New York.

I opened my own makeup and beauty salon called Dora Graff Makeup & Beauty Salon in the 1st district of Budapest in 2016.

As a beautician, I have been offering natural anti-aging treatments in my salon for several years now, combined with top-class American electrocosmetic machines. From 2022, I became the official beautician of Organiqe Hungary and the brand's distributor.

She has been known as Kozma Orsi's make-up artist for several years.

Many hungarian (Panni Epres, Péter Geszti, Gabriella Jakupcsek, Kata Kánya, Lia Pokornyi, Sándor Zwack, ...) and foreign (Cat Greenleaf, Federica Pellegrini, Mark Foster, Jim West, ...) well-known faces have already sat in my makeup chair.

My style is innovative, sensual, feminine, my work is precise and elaborated to the smallest detail. For me, makeup and beauty is a profession, a way of life, a passion or even more: a little magic that helps women become what they always wanted to be. Magic that belongs to every woman!


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